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What is The Winery Web Site Report ?

cover image Your winery's Web site exists for only one purpose:
to profitably sell more of your wines.

That's the thought we started with when we set out to create what has become The Winery Web Site Report, an independent evaluation of over 2,200 winery Web sites that asks the fundamental question, "How well does this site meet the needs of its visitors?".

There are four basic types of visitors to your Web site:

  • buyers - people who want to buy your wine right now
  • browsers - people, who for one reason or another, are interested in your winery and its wines.
  • the trade - people who are interested in selling your wines to others: distributors, retailers, and restaurants
  • the media - people who are interested in telling others about you: magazines, newspapers, radio, and television
Regardless of what you may want your visitors to do, your Web site must meet the needs of these types of visitors efficiently and effectively.

Based on the above, we created an objective 25-element "visitor effectiveness" evaluation for winery Web sites, and applied it to over 2,200 sites) to create the proprietary database of site evaluations at the heart of The Winery Web Site Report.

What You Get

When you order The Winery Web Site Report, you get two things.

First, your customized report, printed on high-quality paper and spiral-bound, tells you exactly how your Web site compares against all 2,200+ winery Web sites on the basis of visitor effectiveness, including a color copy of your own site rating. For each of 25 rating elements, the report contains both numeric and graphic comparisons of your score to the aggregate rating of all sites, common shortcomings, and suggested best practices. The printed report provides a context for thinking about your Web presence as part of your overall sales and marketing strategy.

Second, you get private Web access to our entire ratings database, letting you see exactly how you compare against specific Web sites, especially those of your competitors. Ratings in the database can be printed for use offline, and we continually add new winery site evaluations to the database, so you're always up-to-date.

Put another way, you get an independent evaluation of your Web site using a set of well-defined metrics, as well as seeing how your site ranks against all winery sites. Plus, you get a powerful tool for evaluating your own competition which you can use every day.

Why You Need It

You can't afford to ignore the effectiveness of your Web site, but your marketing department already has plenty to do. It would take many hours for you to reconstruct even a small part of the data contained in this report, and still more time to analyze it. Your time is your most valuable asset - leverage it effectively with The Winery Web Site Report.

We see many wineries that have created Web sites "because you have to have one," but no reliable source of best practice within the industry. We believe that your Web site ultimately exists for only one reason: to profitably sell more of your wines. Our carefully-thought-out rating system reflects that, and is based on our deep experience in designing consumer software products that have sold millions of units, and customer-oriented Web sites that generate tangible results for our clients.

See For Yourself

Take a look at the entire list of wineries that we've evaluated, along with the table of contents for a sample printed report, and a sample site evaluation summary. Check out our Web log. If you have any questions, please contact me directly (mike@WineryWebSiteReport.com).

Michael E. Duffy, Publisher
The Winery Web Site Report


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